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Build the perfect city on a wild land. 

In Simulopolis, each citizen is an autonomous agent which has needs (energy, satiety, health and safety), its own personality and physiology. The citizens will try to satisfy their needs and to maximize their happiness.

Your goal as a mayor is to build and manage a city that will allow your citizens to be happy. Experiment different economic models, policies and architectures to achieve that.


  • Nearly an infinity of terrains on which you can settle your city.
  • Create homes and jobs to attract new citizens in your town.
  • Manage the policies of the city: set the taxes, the minimum wage, etc.
  • Watch the citizens live: they use the infrastructures you built to rest, move, shop and work. But be careful, if they are not happy, they will leave the city.

This game is currently in development. Planned features include:

  • Services: schools, police stations and hospitals.
  • The citizens will be able to create their own private companies and compete with the public services.
  • Call for bids: you can mark parcels available to private companies which will make offers to obtain them. As a mayor, you will choose the companies that will win them.
  • A lot more.

Simulopolis is open-source!

The code of Simulopolis is freely available on github.

Simulopolis is currently in alpha version

The game is far from finished. Many features are missing and you may find bugs. So be patient and if you find one, please send me an email. It will help me a lot and I will be very pleased to credit you as a tester.

If you want to know more about Simulopolis or discover some technical details, you can read some articles published on my blog.

Please use the discussion board below or send me an email at pierre.vigier314@gmail.com if you have any comments or suggestions.


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