Alpha 6 is released

Hello everyone,

Alpha 6 is released! Let’s take a tour of the major new features.

Villager AI Improvements

Villagers can now enter in shops and shopkeepers can use the crafting objects in their shops. It makes cities much more livelier!

Item Attraction

Your character now attracts item!

Object Destruction

It is now possible to destroy objects that you have previously placed. However, it is still impossible to destroy objects in villages.


Cooking is finally there! You can use a stove and food to cook delicious meals.

If you use ingredients with effects in common, the meal will give these effects to your character when eaten. Meals give small but long-lasting effects. Only one meal buff can be active.

There are seven different recipes but the differences are currently only cosmetic.

Magician Laboratory

The big content addition of this update is magic and wizards. You can find wizards in their laboratories as well as three new crafting objects: the alchemy table, the enchanting table and the staff enchanter.


Alchemy is very similar to cooking. You can brew potions using ingredients at the alchemy table.

The potions also have the effects that are present in at least two ingredients. Contrary to meals, potion effets are powerful but don’t last long. Only one potion buff can be active.


You can enchant your items at the enchanting table. You can play on two things: elements and a soul.

You can imbue an item with elemental motes. It will give elemental damage to weapons and elemental defense to armors.

You can also infuse a soul into an item. It will give magic effects to the item, the effects and their power will depend on the elements imbued in the item.


Finally, you can craft staves at the staff enchanter. The first step is to craft a magic crystal, then you should imbue the crystal with elements at the enchanting table. Finally, you craft the staff at the staff enchanter with your crystal. A procedural name will be generated for your staff which will depend on the elements and the power of your staff.

There are three different staves that emit different types of bolts.


There are many more small improvements and changes. I tried to fix all the bugs you reported to me and to implement all the small suggestions you sent me. If I forgot yours, feel free to remind me! I will be tackling bigger things such as reworking the map to give more detail, improving the shooting system to be able to shoot in all directions and removing the ability to steal without any consequence very soon!

Thanks a lot to everyone who played the game and shared their issues and suggestions! If you have any, please send me an email or come chatting on the Discord server. Your feedback is very precious to me and helps improving Vagabond!

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