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Greetings Adventurer!

In Vagabond, you will have the opportunity to explore vast procedurally generated worlds and meet their numerous inhabitants. You start in the middle of nowhere with no memories or possessions. It's up to you to forge your destiny, become a famous treasure hunter by searching dangerous dungeons, the best blacksmith in the whole country or a benefactor by helping the villagers who need you. Who will you become?

Blending elements of traditional role-playing games with the freedom of sandbox-style games, Vagabond is a unique experience. Moreover, you can share your adventures with your friends as Vagabond was designed from the ground to support multiplayer.


  • Create and customize your character
  • Explore procedurally generated worlds and travel across many different biomes which have their own riches and dangers
  • Visit cities and meet hundreds of NPC who have a lot to offer: they can teach you new skills, buy or sell you goods or tell you the latest rumors. And if you feel good in one of the villages, you can buy a house and become one of the villagers
  • Complete quests to help locals and earn rewards
  • Fight monsters in dungeons and get rare treasures
  • Gather resources by chopping trees, mining ores in caves, growing crops and killing monsters
  • Craft items such as armors, weapons, meals and furniture
  • Buy and furnish your home
  • Share your adventures with your friend with networked multiplayer (through LAN or the Internet)


Vagabond is still under active development, many new features are coming shortly:

  • Magic with spells, magic wands, wizards and alchemy
  • Guilds with news quests and game mechanics
  • Lore generation to provide a history and legends to each world
  • More locations to fill the world such as castles, temples, ruins, etc.
  • Better dungeons with more complex structures and new types of rooms

If you want to support the game, you can play it now. If you have any remark, I would be happy to have your feedback, you can send me an email to pierre@vagabondgame.com or come and chat on Discord. Help me shape Vagabond's future!

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vagabond-demo-win64.zip 31 MB
Version alpha-10 Feb 21, 2023
vagabond-demo-linux64.zip 34 MB
Version alpha-10 Feb 21, 2023

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closes on launch. help

sounds cool, but crashes on launch.

This is a nice game with a lot of potential!

Love the concept

I can't figure out any way to heal...

Hi, you heal when your hunger bar is full, a little icon with a heart and an arrow will be shown above your health bar.

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oh, cool, thank you